Job a Léierplazendag (LU)

On Thursday 29th of September, Caroline H. – our Senior Talent Acquisition Manager – participated in the Job a Léierplazendag which took place in the City Condorde Lifestyle Center (Luxembourg). Once again, this Jobdag was organized by ADEM (Agence pour le développement de l’emploi).   The event was an opportunity for both recruiters and candidates to […]

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‘escent Academy 2022

In September, ‘escent started its ‘escent Academy.   During this back-to-school period, we welcomed a new promotion for two intensive training weeks. This program is oriented towards young postgraduates and young consultants with few months of experience (max. 18 months), and it aims to perpetuate our knowledge and expertise in the consulting world.   Finding a […]

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ADEM Jobdag in La Cloche d’Or (LU)

On Thursday 19th of May, Caroline H. and Olivier B. joined the ADEM (Agence pour le développement de l’emploi) in La Cloche d’Or to take part at the JOBDAG.   During this face-to-face resumption, 40 companies were in the Shopping Center Cloche d’Or. We could find various sectors such as trade, IT, crafts, industry, HORECA, […]

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Back to our ‘normal’ life

A lot happened in those last months. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. As our government has decided, employees who could afford homeworking were asked to stay at home. Lockdowns are now far away, and we are delighted to see each other smile again.  This month, we will […]

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We wish you a happy new year!

This year has been quite full of unexpected twists and turns Health measures and changes in the world have strongly impacted our daily lives. They have continued to set the pace of our lives, taking us out of our comfort zones. And yet, at ‘escent, we have remained positive! Therefore, we wanted to thank you, […]

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person wearing facemask for covid precaution, coronavirus crisis

‘escent in times of Covid

As any other company during these times, the COVID-19 crisis has caused fundamental changes in the ways we have been working.  Indeed, with the announcement of the lockdown in March, the society has mutated, for those activities that could, in dematerialized mode. At ‘escent, our workers have become teleworkers. For three months, both our companies in Brussels and Luxembourg have remained closed […]

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Docaposte group

We are now part of the Docaposte group!

On Friday January 31, Olivier Vallet Chief Executive Officer of Docaposte, and Oliver Rous Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Softeam Group, were present at our annual New Year dinner in Transinne to introduce their joint project. Their presentation shed light on the core of the French company, their objectives and ambitions and also allowed the […]

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Blockchain; let’s talk about the hype topic!

Last week, Ruben Mortier and Cédric Michel presented an evening class about Blockchain and its concrete applications. Because Blockchain is a hot topic in the financial industry, it is the second time that the subject is introduced to our colleagues in Brussels and Luxembourg. A small reminder was given about the concept of distributed ledger […]

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'escent at the Plug&Work event in Luxembourg

An enriching evening at the Plug&Work event in Luxembourg

On the 20th of November, ‘escent-Softeam Consulting participated to the 7th edition of the Plug&Work evening in Luxembourg at D’Coque. The event based on an afterwork concept enables recruiters and candidates to meet after their usual working day and to discuss about the available career opportunities. This format of recruitment fair permits informal discussions in […]

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'escent Academy

The second escent Academy generation is onboard

You may have heard last year about our “Academy” initiative. This project consisted in hiring newly-graduated and train them in order to provide them with the right tools and methods to become junior business analysts. This initiative also reflected our investment to provide our collaborators with a strong basis of methods and techniques. After a […]

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