Business Analyst Certification Course: Is Certification Really Necessary for a Business Analyst?

There is always debate concerning the value of certification as a business analyst. If you’re just starting out, a course will certainly give you valuable training in the profession. Without extensive experience in business analysis to back you up, certification might give you the edge when applying for a job.

Many business analysts with years of experience assume that their track record is enough to guarantee career advancement. This indicates some arrogance on their part, acting as if they know it all and there’s nothing left to learn. In any field, there is always something new to learn. Things are constantly changing, with new thinking and new methodologies coming to the fore.

At Escent, we believe that if you’re serious about making business analysis your career, you should invest the time and money to sign up for courses. Strive to improve your knowledge and gain recognition for your effort through recognized certification.


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