Benefits of Digital Transformation Consultancy

What are the benefits of Digital Transformation consultancy?

For many years, businesses have sought the assistance of digital transformation consultancy to ensure the success of their projects. Consultants now play multiple essential roles within teams. But what are the motivations that prompt companies to seek these external services ?

Reducing Costs and Focusing on Core Competencies

Delegating digital transformation activities offers numerous advantages to companies, particularly in innovation-driven domains requiring specialized expertise. Whether a Business Analyst or a Project Manager, the consultant brings many benefits.

First and foremost, delegating such digital transformation activities allows companies to reduce recruitment costs. Engaging external services significantly reduces operational expenses related to hiring and training personnel. Moreover, the consultant is an expert who brings experience and technical skills to the table.

In digital transformation consultancy, practicality is paramount, with a focus on core competencies. By delegating digital tasks, companies can emphasize their business objectives.

Subsequently, consultants concentrate exclusively on technological advancements, enabling internal resources to be freed from technical duties. Besides, external experts provide in-depth knowledge within their areas of expertise, reducing costs associated with additional training.

Flexibility and Scalability: Key Benefits of External Consultancy

The use of such a specialized service also offers invaluable flexibility and scalability. Companies can adjust their resources according to specific needs, allocating the necessary workforce during strategic project stages, thereby increasing the chances of success. Digital transformation consultants possess specialized knowledge and innovative practices that complement fundamental industry know-how. This expertise ensures reliable and efficient services, yielding unparalleled qualitative returns.

Strategic Investment in Digital Transformation Consultancy

At ‘escent, we have made a strategic investment in consultancy. Since 2006, our core business has revolved around supporting clients in diverse sectors such as banking, healthcare, insurance, energy, and both the private and public sectors.

As a consulting firm, we are renowned for our resources in business and functional analysis, as well as for our ability to operate in different contexts, whether agile, waterfall or hybrid. Therefore, our consultants hold certifications in various domains (IREB, OCEB BPMN, ArchiMate, ISTQB® – International Software Testing Qualifications Board, etc.) to ensure the highest level of alignment with industry best practices in the fields of business, process, and functional analysis. This commitment to professional certifications enables us to deliver optimal solutions tailored to the specific needs of our corporate clientele.

Engaged in an ongoing project ?

We collaborate with you to provide the necessary functional and business analysis services for the success of your digital transformation projects.


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