We seek talents with the right balance of personal and professional competences. We foster open people to become even more open-minded, exploring new horizons and challenging the given. We take in professionals with the potential and the will to learn.

We continuously encourage our consultants to keep themselves updated about the best practices. We embrace the opportunity given at our regular corporate events to share knowledge about cutting edge subjects. escenters are fostered to undertake new trainings which promote their chosen career path.

We devote ourselves to create social links among our customers and consultants. Developing a team spirit between our consultants has a significant importance for us. We have fun spending time together, regardless our position within the company. We make it happen!

Passion fills us with energy and drives our daily work. Our stepping stone is to enjoy working with colleagues and customers and always remember to celebrate successes along the way. When coupled with respect for others and the ability to compromise, enthusiasm can move mountains!

We respect every person with equal consideration and treat our colleagues and customers as we would want to be considered. We embrace the capacity and desire for personal growth, as well as the talents and beliefs of each individual. escenters lead by example!



escent has grown at a regular pace since its creation.

Our customer base is strong with historical partners following us since the beginning in 2006 and new clients trusting us each year.

Our staff keeps growing both in number and in quality and we are proud of the long term relationship built with our consultants. For those who have left us, some of them became our customers, others moved to another industry but all have made a big jump in their career and remain friends.

Our service offering keeps evolving with industry trends but our business and functional analysis expertize remains however our core business both from a consulting and governance view point.

Business analysis methods and tools do change as per the introduction of new ways of managing projects like Agile. Our consultants are continuously trained to new standards with our training material evolving in parallel.

We are confident that the expertise we have built over the years combined with the continuous investment in training our staff to industry best practices will help us grow our customer base in the coming years. From a market perspective we are also convinced that business analysis is too sensitive to be off shored and needs to be dealt with locally.

Management Team

Benoit Cardinael

Benoit Cardinael

Co-Founder and Associate

Benoit has worked on delivery projects in the area of securities front to back office systems integration, in-house financial software developments and treasury management package customization for large customers in London, New-York, Paris, Luxembourg and Brussels. He started his career in 1996 at EDS, joined Capco then SWIFT before founding escent.

Olivier Duyckaerts

Olivier Duyckaerts

Co-Founder and Associate

Olivier has more than 15 years’ experience combining business analyst and project leader roles. Olivier delivers value added expertise to support the business strategy in financial and Capital Markets “front to back to accounting”, business process re-engineering, implementation of dealing/treasury packages and project management. Founder of escent, he previously worked in the banking competence centers of EDS, FICS and Expert Finance.

Fact Sheet
Local presence
Brussels & Luxembourg
Benoit Cardinael, Olivier Duyckaerts 
August 2006
Revenues FY 2017
€ 9.950.000
Official training provider 
IREB® & IIBA® certificates of recognition
Platinum IREB Award
Escent in figures
Date of creation: 08/2006
Associates: 2
Offices: 2
Average yearly turnover growth: +20%
Average age: 35 years
Consultants  as from 12/2018 : 85
Average consutant experience: +10 years
Average employment duration: +5 years
Number of people trained since 2011: +850

A bit of history…


August 2006 : after 10 years of acting as business analyst or project manager on financial industry related projects, we decided to found escent, a company gathering experts in the fields of business analysis, requirements engineering and project management.

Our strategy has evolved around the same central idea since the beginning; remain focused, leverage our expertise in niche domains to provide high added value services to our customers thanks to our team of highly skilled professionals.

March 2009 : Boosted by the success of our Belgian office we decide to open a sister company in Luxembourg, capitalizing on our network of former colleagues and customers.

2010 : We complete our service offering by designing a training program dedicated to business analysts, functional analysts and requirements engineers. Based on the recommendations of IREB® and IIBA®, the two leading organizations, we set up our Efficient Business Analysis training program. This program has been delivered to over 800 professionals in Belgium and Luxembourg, making escent the first training provider on that subject in the BELUX.

August 2011 : We celebrate together our 5th birthday with our consultants in Marrakesh, Morocco.

March 2012 : our 40 escenters contribute to reaching 5 million EUR revenue for the first time in our history!

2014 : we participate to our 3rd social event, offering time to those who do not have as much chance as we do! This time we buy and then build outdoor playground equipment for a children’s shelter. Great to see the smiles on the faces of these kids when they see the new wooden tower playhouse!

October 2015 : Our Brussels’ office moves to Guimard street 15, allowing us to organize quality trainings in our own facilities, and making sure there is enough room for the growing team.

March 2016 : ‘escent becomes the first IREB® Platinum Partner in the BELUX, emphasising our commitment to quality.

September 2016 : Already 10 years of activity and enriching sharing of experience. We celebrate with the full team in Greece.

August 2016 : ‘escent gets a fully revamped website and new company logo !

January 2017 : ‘escent broadens its training offer. Besides our Efficient Business Analysis offering preparing for the IREB® and the IIBA® certification, we offer additional courses to boost the competencies of business analysts & project managers such as BPMN 2.0, Agile Business Analyst, or Project workload estimations.

March 2017 : we close our tenth year with more than 10 million euro revenue for the first time in our history! Thanks to our consultants and customers for their support and loyalty!

September 2017 : ‘escent academy is on the go! Through this initiative we are willing to open our doors to newly-graduated and young talents. The chosen candidates will join us as from September and begin with an intense training period. Then they on-board client projects with the guidance of senior escenters. Our objective is to train them to become the new escenters generation: great professionals sharing our values!

April 2018 : We join the Softeam Group. Being part of this French group of 1200+ staff, will provide us withthe critical size, visibility and complementary services that will enable us to strengthen our presence in Belgium and Luxembourg. We’re keen to offer our clients SOFTEAM Group’s innovative services, particularly in artificial intelligence within the banking, finance and insurance sectors.

December 2019: We join the Docaposte Group, the digital subsidiary of The French Groupe La Poste. Docaposte is specialized in providing businesses and administrations with solutions of digital transformation and digital trust. With this acquisition, we aim at strengthening our position on main strategic markets through dedicated offerings to banking-insurance, public sector, e-health, and SMEs.

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