Yearly Event 2022

We were finally allowed to reorganize our corporate festivities.  

After almost three years without having a Belgian and Luxembourg common yearly event, we were finally able to see each other again. Therefore, and under Olivier’s organization, we were all conveyed to the Lodge Martué in Florenville.  

In a woody environment, we got the chance to reunite with our colleagues for a wide range of interesting and challenging activities. As strength comes from natural fuel, we first ate a heavy breakfast. Once all together, we joined our coordinators to begin the fancy part of the day. Since temperatures were low, it was with pleasure that we began with a sportive game: the bag race. Laughing, jumping, and falling were the keywords – disclaimer: no employee was hurt! Then, we kept our teams for the rescue stretcher production and transport. After such a warm-up, small groups were formed for stimulating exercises, which were still part of the competition. It was a real pleasure to see all of us cooperate, be united, and try our best to aim for the gold medal, especially when it was about becoming a car manufacturer! ?

To conclude this wonderful day, we were all invited to share dinner and desserts, before partying all together. Once again, this event was a remarkable success, and it is all thanks to you.
A kind attention to Olivier who handled everything perfectly from the?beginning?to the?end. 

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