What about OneNote ?

On the occasion of our monthly meet and greet at the Brussels premises, our colleague Cédric Michel chose to share with us his discovery of the tool OneNote, which you can download for free. He made the statement that more than a half of the company heard about OneNote, but only a very little part actually used it. Professional or personal use can be made of this computer program. Indeed, his very complete presentation taught us that OneNote is basically like your digital notebook. It has many functionalities, like typing text via keyboard, insert pictures, links, audio documents, but also write anywhere on a virtually unbounded document window by just clicking there. You do not need to save your work on OneNote, as it saves data automatically.

You can use OneNote on your laptops or desktop PCs, but additional features support pen-enabled tablet computers, in environments where pen, audio, or video notes are more appropriate than an intensive use of keyboard. Information is saved in pages organized into sections within notebooks. It also offers the possibility to gather material from other applications. OneNote notebooks collect, organize, and share possibly unpolished materials. You can share your notes with other users of the program but also thanks to OneDrive.

Cédric Michel warned us, the stock and share possibilities are wide. The attention must be focused on the organizational aspect in order to reach an optimal use of this tool. He personally uses it in personal life, but assures us that OneNote has much more to offer than grocery check-up lists. We can’t wait to test it !



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