Docaposte group

We are now part of the Docaposte group!

On Friday January 31, Olivier Vallet Chief Executive Officer of Docaposte, and Oliver Rous Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Softeam Group, were present at our annual New Year dinner in Transinne to introduce their joint project. Their presentation shed light on the core of the French company, their objectives and ambitions and also allowed the consultants to ask questions regarding the future of escent.

In April 2018 our consultancy firm ‘escent, based in Belgium and Luxembourg joined SOFTEAM GROUP which employs over 1400 employees. The goal of this strategic partnership was to enable ‘escent to introduce more innovative offers in the Digital Transformation and for SOFTEAM Group to boost its growth in Benelux. Since then, our consultancy firm was known as escent – SOFTEAM Consulting, with the support of SOFTEAM Group’s operational management.

In December 2019 SOFTEAM Group joined Docaposte, the digital subsidiary of The French Groupe La Poste. Docaposte is specialized in providing businesses and administrations with solutions of digital transformation and digital trust. First actor of digital signature in France, Docaposte is leader in electronic voting, archiving and hosting of health data. With more than 5000 employees and 23000 clients, Docaposte will reach 550 M€ revenues in 2019.

With this acquisition, Docaposte aims at strengthening its position on main strategic markets through dedicated offerings to banking-insurance, public sector, e-health, and SMEs. The transaction, initiated by Docaposte, fulfills Softeam Group will to rely on a solid partner to pursue the growth of its activity. The ambition is to reach one-billion-euro revenue in 2023.

Olivier Rous, “this merger opens up prospects for the development of our expertise in order to better meet the needs of our clients and to support them in their digital transformation.?The numerous synergies are as many opportunities to base our development on a solid partner”.

Olivier Vallet, “Docaposte know-how and solutions combined to Softeam Group skills are a pledge of value creation and performance for our clients on the entire business value chain. With this acquisition, we confirm our ambition to significantly strengthen our position in the digital transformation sector”.

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