Introduction to requirements & business analysis – 1d

Duration :

1 day

Price :

700 €

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Available as :

Open training

On-premises training

Why should you follow this training?

Target audience
  • You are interested in understanding the fundamental principles and the most recent practises around requirements engineering
  • You are a involved in project delivering software and your are exposed to capturing, documenting, validating, maintaining or using requirements in Agile or Waterfall context
Your expectations
  • Have a global understanding of the challenges, activities and evolutions in the requirements engineering field


What will you learn?

  • The role, skills and value of the requirements engineer/business analyst in both the Agile “change driven” philosophy as well as in the traditional Waterfall “plan driven” approach
  • Understand the requirements core activities in both change driven and plan driven project:
  • Elicitation: see why it is critical to properly gather requirements
  • Documentation: understand the different approaches to formalize requirements
  • Validation : make sure requirements will deliver the expected business value
  • Management: learn how changing requirements can be handled in projects
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