Non-violent communication? escent is in!

At our Brussels’ meet & greet on Thursday the 27th of April, our recruitment consultant Hélène Lieffrig introduced us to the non-violent communication subject.

NVC is a vast topic and when mastered, it becomes an attitude made of caring and empathy. The communication process it-self is based on the fact that every aggressive interaction leads to a non-constructive answer. From that point, no need to explain the need of mastering it in a professional context (as well as private…). By simple reflexes like changing a generality to a factual statement, or describing the way we feel instead of accusing one other to make us feel that way, make a huge difference. The stimulus which goes to the brain after a non-violent e-mail/phone call/ comment fosters a constructive answer, while the contrary leads to a counterattack, a poker-face or an escape. The reactions from the audience of escenters were intense, and everyone could find practical examples to illustrate Hélène’s speech.

Soft skills are just as important as technical ones to our consultants. Of course, we also shared drinks and Italian food afterwards… It’s good to spend time together!



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