Meet and Greet about the Blockchain hot topic

The Blockchain is still a source of doubts for organizations. Many possibilities linked to web security and control by majority are at stake. Private and public sectors could both be very affected by this system and some say it is the biggest discovery since Internet. It is not only about bitcoins here. Each set of data and digital transaction could leave an imprint by creating an audit of the path traveled by each digital event in the course of history. All this could happen without endangering the privacy of individuals!

This hot topic has been discussed at ‘escent, in Luxembourg and Brussels at our monthly meet and greet meetings. The presentation was prepared by Cédric Michel and Ruben Mortier and raised interest from many of our consultants. We are proud that our employees gladly share their knowledge with each other and we believe that all our professionals should be aware of the influence of Blockchain over financial structures particularly.

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