Euroclear conference about the Business Analyst job

One of our ‘escent founders, Benoit Caerdinal, has been invited to speak at a Euroclear conference. Euroclear is a Belgium-based financial services company specialized in the settlement, safekeeping and asset servicing of securities transactions, which is now active in 6 European countries and well-known worldwide. This event was the first of its kind: more than a hundred of business analysts from the companies subsidiaries were gathered in a hostel in Brussels for this conference.

What has ‘escent’s message been to all these Euroclear professionals?
The recipe of a performant Business Analyst:
– A rigorous method
– Well-tailored tools
– A clean modelling process
– Good adapting skills
Knowledge about the field of activity is not part of the list…

Basically, the question raised was: Can a BA from the bank field deliver a good performance in a mission of construction such as for Thomas & Pierron? ‘escent says YES. In fact, the knowledge about a field can sometimes limit the creativity of the BA and compel him to drown in the executing part of his job. On the contrary, a BA with a strong method and trained with cutting-edge coaching sessions can develop the agility to deliver the best analysis he possibly can.

To conclude, a good BA doesn’t necessary know about the field of activity of his/her customer. A fresh look coupled with agility is the signature of best BAs.

According to the positive feedback after Benoit Caerdinal’s speech, we are curious to know how many of Euroclear professionals changed sectors for a challenging mission.

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