escent is up to meeting the challenge of new sectors

Our business analysis and project management services company ‘escent is growing with the core belief that a good business analyst must be driven by his sense of method and adaptation to any sector of activity. ‘escent does have a financial expertise, but does it mean that our consultants only manage banking projects? The answer is NO. They are trained on the cutting-edge of international debates about requirement engineering (including from our training team), in order to answer with the same degree of competence to our customers’ requests, no matter in which field.

‘escent is in the line with a real broadening dynamic and extends its portfolio to diverse sectors, for example entertainment, energies, public services and telecom. We believe that the world of data processing analysis and project management can apply to each of these fields, and many more. Hard and soft skills required are the same, and customers benefit from a fresh look upon a certain domain, when trusting a BA on a new sector.

Strong of this awareness, ‘escent has what it takes for this challenge and is already on the path of diversification. We are experts at finance and banking, but our skills are applicable to suit the needs of the market.

What do you think? Can one of our BA who worked in a bank for 2 years become the perfect BA for your construction work? We say YES.

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