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‘escent in times of Covid

As any other company during these times, the COVID-19 crisis has caused fundamental changes in the ways we have been working. 

Indeed, with the announcement of the lockdown in Marchthe society has mutated, for those activities that could, in dematerialized mode. At ‘escent, our workers have become teleworkers. For three months, both our companies in Brussels and Luxembourg have remained closed and all our consultants have worked from home. 

Our company has shown great agility in this self-adaptation. To achieve this, internet platforms have enabled us to teleport: many of us now communicate in this way with their clients, users, colleagues, at a distance. In addition to the office 365 Teams app already used by our consultants, those who needed to organize a call/video conference with participants outside the company have now been using platforms like Zoom or Hebex, a possibility that was provided our customers.  

Doing their jobs from home has required us to adapt to new routines and test our ability to focus. Some also took the opportunity to take webinar classes, learn more about the best practices and enjoy their time with their loved ones (including pets 🙂 ) while balancing their private and working life altogether.  

We would like extend our gratitude to all those that allowed us to adapt and to the customers that provided computers to our consultants and made it possible for them to work remotely. A special thank you also to Docaposte group, our mother company, that has also been providing face masks and gel for the consultants that have been going back to work on site. 

As for our usual monthly meet & greets, we have been able to continue the tradition in a digital way which enabled us to keep touch with the consultants and inform them about the latest updates on the company.  

Benoit and Olivier are proud of the way it has overcame this crisis and thanks everyone involved that made it possible. We look forward to come back to our ‘normal’ life at the office as well as for our consultants at our customer’s premises! 


PS: For more info on what is it like working at ‘escent post Covid-19, follow us on our social media channels to watch our video on the safety measures ‘escent has been taking.


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