We wish you a happy new year!

This year has been quite full of unexpected twists and turns

Health measures and changes in the world have strongly impacted our daily lives. They have continued to set the pace of our lives, taking us out of our comfort zones. And yet, at ‘escent, we have remained positive! Therefore, we wanted to thank you, employees and clients, for the work done during this pandemic.  

As we approach the end of 2020, we must highlight that we have emerged stronger from this challenge thanks to the improvements that had to be made to overcome adversity. 

What have we learned? First, it seems evident that we are coming out of 2020 proud of the progress made within our teams. The obstacles were various: permanent telecommuting, social distance, project accommodations at clients’ sites, reorganization of personal follow-up, excessive connection, work/life balance, etc. However, all objectives were achieved thanks to your solidarity and constructive collaboration. This challenging period allowed us to grow individually and corporately. Indeed, we have been able to adapt to the needs of a new way of guiding our teams, supporting them, and continuing to allow both individual and professional development. We start this new year with even more resources, already rich in our human values. 

For these reasons, we thank you for your strength, patience, and determination.
Best wishes for this festive season! 


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