‘escent at the Skema Business School’s job fair

On the 14th of November, the Skema Business School organized a Career Fair on its Lille campus.

This Fair is a one-day event during which the students come to collect information about career opportunities they could access after finalizing their Master’s degree.

Students had the opportunity to discover several companies and give their resume to the ones that attracted them most, hoping to be involved in a recruitment process for a first job.


Being a former student at Skema Business School, Olivier Bretin – Principal Consultant – led this initiative and was accompanied by two great ambassadors: Camille Trinh and Romain Benedic.

The objective of the day was to present ‘escent’s activitives and expertise as well as the Escent Academy Training Program to the students interested in working in our field of activity in Brussels or in Luxembourg.


Throughout the day lots of students with diverse cultural and educational backgrounds were met and some promising contacts established.

Training and mentoring young professionals in the business analysis field remains a main focus of ‘escent.  This will be demonstrated again when launching the second ‘escent Academy Training Program early 2018.

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