‘escent Academy 2022

In September, ‘escent started its ‘escent Academy.  

During this back-to-school period, we welcomed a new promotion for two intensive training weeks. This program is oriented towards young postgraduates and young consultants with few months of experience (max. 18 months), and it aims to perpetuate our knowledge and expertise in the consulting world.  

Finding a nice balance between contextual training and social connections, our program helps new entrants to feel more comfortable in their new work environment and their future client assignments. After the training period, our mentors keep the new ‘escenters under their wings with a close follow-up, guiding them through their first professional missions. 

Indeed, ‘escent has been largely reputed for its deep expertise in the BA and FA services. One of the results of such an experience is our 3-rounds recruitment process (including a focus on motivation, job understanding and interest, and contextual case) which guarantees the best “match” between our candidates and our clients.

Ready to join our mentorship program?
Do not hesitate to send us your CV to belgium.recruitment@escent.eu or luxembourg.recruitment@escent.eu 

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