Certified Agile Business Analyst – 2d

Duration :

2 days

Price :

1100 €

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Open training

Customized training

On-premises training

Description :

Why should you follow this training?

Target audience
  • You want to understand the role, value, and techniques of the business analyst in an Agile environment
  • You are a business analyst, product owner, scrum master, requirement engineer, or IT professional exposed to requirements in an Agile team
  • You are acting as business analyst or requirement engineer in a traditional project methodology and want to be effective in an Agile setup
Your expectations
  • Understand which roles and contribution the Agile team can expect from a Business Analyst
  • Explore techniques suitable for performing Business Analysis in the Agile team
  • Accredit Agile skills for recognition among employers, clients and peers
  • You prepare for the iSQI® Certified Agile Business Analysis certification

What will you learn

  • An overview of Agile philosophy & common Agile methods, predominantly focused on software development
  • An in-depth review of the role and skills of a business analyst performing in an Agile development context
  • The Agile frameworks for business analysts proposed in the Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide produced in collaboration between the IIBA® and the Agile Alliance®.
  • A selection of more than 10 techniques from the Agile Discovery and Delivery frameworks specifically suitable for business analysis in the Agile world
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