Cedric on a mission in Hyderabad, India

Our Principal Business Consultant Cédric Michel has flown to India to transfer knowledge to the development team. Read his testimony:

“I am currently working on a web portal project for a major customer active in the securities industry.

As part of the cash stream of the portal project, I recently have been asked to fly to Hyderabad, India to meet the offshore development team, in order to perform intense Knowledge Transfer. Our goal is to make sure we have an efficient communication from the business and design side in order to perform a better development. Of course, it is also key for us to meet the people and create a proper bond between Brussels’ and Indian teams. As one of our Managers says: « When giving training to a team of 20 people, of course they will forget some parts, but all will not forget the same things! ». This trip allowed me to cover the overall phasing of the project, as well as dive into the details concerning its first stages. I believe it certainly has been more useful than spending weeks over the phone or discussing via videoconference.

My role as a business analyst is to cover the business aspects of the project. On the other hand, two designers presented the web portal from their point of view. The training went very well, as our colleagues paid close attention and challenged our explanations with relevant questions. As Indian culture sometimes kept the teams from intervening, we were glad to have such an interactive session. No worry, I will not bother you with the different types of cash instructions or how we have structured the data model!

It has been a wonderful week, professionally of course but also from a personal point-of-view! We have met great and generous people, and we had the opportunity to taste local food away from touristic areas! We also visited a museum, a palace and the poor yet endearing old city and its Charminar, the most symbolic building of Hyderabad.”

Cédric Michel


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