Business Update: the escent feeling keeps on growing!

This week escenters met for the annual business update. Not only the business results and a recruitment overview were presented, but also the strategy for the future of the company. Transparency and openness were keywords. Leaving room for initiatives from all, our management made clear that we have many opportunities to get involved in the life of escent besides our consulting missions at customers.

Our team made of business analysts and project managers demonstrates great skills when it comes to managing high level projects. We want to keep our focus on quality in a human and happy team spirit. Today our training offer reflects a central concern: continuous training for our team. We don’t take anything for granted. The IT world constantly evolves, and so does escent!

After some intense sessions, our editorial committee was happy to announce our 5 new values:
Individual qualities over individuals quantity
Continuous improvement over static certainties
Team spirit over isolated silos
Enthusiasm over inertia
People respect over corporate titles

This presentation was followed by sharing a meal together: Melia Hotel in Luxembourg on Tuesday and Thon Hotel in Brussels on Thursday. Escent feeling keeps on growing; we brace ourselves!

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