Blockchain; let’s talk about the hype topic!

Last week, Ruben Mortier and Cédric Michel presented an evening class about Blockchain and its concrete applications.

Because Blockchain is a hot topic in the financial industry, it is the second time that the subject is introduced to our colleagues in Brussels and Luxembourg.

A small reminder was given about the concept of distributed ledger but the main highlight was on basic elements of Blockchain and how they can be applied to real-life examples other than the very well-known Bitcoin.

The outcome of this presentation is that Blockchain will not replace the banks tomorrow.

Even tough it was seen at the beginning as the “New Internet”, today Blockchain is more considered as a technology that enables faster, cheaper, safer and more efficient communication and processing transactions.

So far Blockchain is used to provide an added value but in a restricted mode with no large-scale public application or wide impact. But as projects might come up, we want to keep our consultants aware of the major updates on the Blockchain topic.

Finally, the presentation was followed by our monthly Meet&Greet, a joyful moment enabling us to share a pleasant evening all together.

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