Agile requirement engineering (IREB®) – 2D

Duration :

2 days

Price :

1400 €

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Open training

Customized training

On-premises training

Why should you follow this training?

Target audience
  • Analysts who want to become involved in Agile development
  • Analysts who want to apply established concepts and techniques from Agile in their Requirements Engineering processes.
  • Agile professionals who want to understand the value and benefits of the Requirements Engineering discipline in Agile projects.
  • Agile professionals who want to improve Agile development by using well-proven Requirements Engineering techniques and methods.
  • IT managers, testers, developers, architects and other representatives of the business who want to understand how to successfully combine the Requirements Engineering and Agile approaches in development processes.
Your expectations
  • You aim to successfully apply well-proven requirement engineering techniques in an Agile environment or you wish to improve your RE processes by applying techniques from the Agile approach
  • You want to understand the synergy between Requirements Engineering and Agile
  • Prepare for IREB® RE@Agile Primer certification


What will you learn?

  • The fundamentals of Agile (Product Owner, Product Backlog, Sprint, etc.)
  • The role and importance of Requirements Engineering in Agile processes as well as the value of agility in Requirements Engineering
  • How to select the right activities at the right time to ensure high quality requirements before they are to be implemented
  • The Classification and assessment of Requirements Engineering artefacts and techniques in the context of Agile and Agile artefacts and techniques in the context of Requirements Engineering
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