Requirement engineering : introduction & best practices – 1d

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Duration :

1 day

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Open training

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Description :

Requirements are the foundation for any solution, system or product. They determine what the solution, the system or the product must do and eventually drive the system development. This workshop presents all the aspects and activities of the requirements engineering : from requirement elicitation to requirement management.

It’s a condensed guide to Requirements engineering introducing the key areas of:

  • Elicitation: What to elicit, who to involve & techniques to use
  • Documentation: At different levels of flow, modelling, natural language and hybrid options
  • Validation & Negotiation: Validation criteria and techniques, communication and conflict resolution
  • Management: Processes, tools and flows

On top of that, the following topics will be addressed :

  • the different levels of abstraction
  • the roles, skills and stakeholders
  • the importance of the requirement engineering activities
  • the RE activities within an Agile approach

This course is intended for anyone with an interest in understanding the requirements engineering process.

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