Our governance advisory experts have developed a unique approach to enhance your current practices in requirements engineering and project management. We aim to reduce your project delivery risks and provide the highest value to your business stakeholders.

Our spectrum of governance services includes auditing, remediation, training and coaching activities. Not only do we identify the pain points, we assist you in curing them!


There is no one-size-fits-all in the field on IT projects sound practices! Auditing includes understanding the specificities of your organization, culture and maturity in the field of requirements engineering and project management. escent experts benchmark your practices against industry standards (IIBA®, IREB®, P2, ISO). We identify the gaps and define prioritized recommendations to address them.


Talking is good, acting is better! Our governance advisory experts will assist you in realizing the recommendations set previously. We will enhance processes, implement tools, review methods or templates in a pragmatic way, providing tactical improvements supporting your strategic views. Resources are scarce and must be dedicated to achieving high impact!