Agile Methodology Certification

How to choose certification institutions for agile methodology certification

Firstly, choosing an institution that provides agile methodology certification for the Agile Business Analyst is based on the knowledge package that the would-be analyst stands to gain. It should be noted that most certification institutions base their certifications on the Scrum framework, and therefore, whichever institution you choose will most probably teach you Scrum practices as it is predominantly used over other frameworks. Choosing a certification institute depends on your requirements. The 3 important aspects to note when choosing an institution for your agile certification are as follows:


  • Basic Knowledge – Does the institution provide basic knowledge that will help you understand the agile methodology techniques upon completion? It is also imperative to note that under this basic knowledge certification, you can get certifications for Scrum Master, Product Owner and Product Developer. Look for the institution that best represents your goals and requirements of being an Agile professional.
  • Advanced Knowledge – If you want to take your knowledge further than basic, which institutions will best represent your goal to do so? Do your due diligence and make a decision.
  • Agile Scaling – Depending on your goals, if Scaled Agile is what you are seeking, then it is best to look for institutions that best represent your desire for said certification.


The above-mentioned criteria for choosing certification institutions will assist you as an Agile Business Analyst to make an informed decision based on your requirements for the certification.


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