Euroclear conference about the Business Analyst job

One of our ‘escent founders, Benoit Caerdinal, has been invited to speak at a Euroclear conference. Euroclear is a Belgium-based financial services company specialized in the settlement, safekeeping and asset servicing of securities transactions, which is now active in 6 European countries and well-known worldwide. This event was the first of its kind: more than […]

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escent goes international

We are proud to announce that our well-tried CPRE training from IREB has been exported to Prague in August 2016. For the first time, the certifying program has been delivered outside of Belgium or Luxemburg, to the great delight of us all. In October 2016, Frankfurt welcomed ‘escent’s trainers for a session. These events are […]

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escent is up to meeting the challenge of new sectors

Our business analysis and project management services company ‘escent is growing with the core belief that a good business analyst must be driven by his sense of method and adaptation to any sector of activity. ‘escent does have a financial expertise, but does it mean that our consultants only manage banking projects? The answer is […]

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